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Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Even with medical insurance, hospital stays can be costly. You may have copays, deductibles, and other incidental hospital charges that add up. That’s why you can buy extra insurance through hospital indemnity coverage.

Hospital indemnity insurance pays you a single lump-sum benefit in the event you or a family member covered under this plan is hospitalized. The benefit is based on the type and duration of hospital stay.

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Review the benefit summary: Low Plan

Review the benefit summary: High Plan

Things to Consider

When deciding whether to enroll in hospital indemnity insurance, be sure to consider the following:

Cost per Paycheck
The cost of coverage is based on who you cover. You’ll be able to see the cost per paycheck when you enroll through Your Total Rewards at digital.alight.com/equitable/.

Your and Your Family’s Needs
Does a serious health condition run in your family? Are you or an eligible family member frequently hospitalized? If you answered "yes" to either question, having hospital indemnity insurance could give you peace of mind.

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