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Newly Eligible for Benefits?


Being new to the company, you have a lot on your plate. Enrolling in Equitable benefits is one of those really important “to dos”—and shouldn’t take all that long.

For your 2024 benefits, you can start here:

Make It Yours

You must take action within 31 days of hire, or you will automatically be enrolled in the Silver medical option with the lowest cost insurer for your region. You will not have any dental or vision coverage for yourself or your family through Equitable.

Enroll now


Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) for more details.

Please Note: Nothing in the below Make It Yours To Go Guide (“Guide”) expands or augments your Health Plan eligibility or benefits beyond those provided under the official plan documents for the Health Plan. No benefits will be paid or provided unless and until the applicable Health Plan administrator, or its delegate, determines, in its sole discretion, that you are entitled to such benefits.

Your Company always reserves the unrestricted right to modify, amend or terminate the Health Plan, at any time and for any reason in whole or in part. Accordingly, and without limitation, nothing in the below Make It Yours To Go Guide (“Guide”) should be construed as, and participation in the Health Plan should not be considered, a promise or guarantee of future benefits or of any level or amount of benefits. In addition, nothing in this Guide is an employment contract or an offer, promise or guarantee of employment or contract for any duration.

Make It Yours To Go